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bendable LED aluminum channel

bendable LED aluminum channel
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    This bendable aluminum channel is made from an easy to bend high grade aluminum and can be used with any LED strip that is 10mm or less. It includes polycarbonate click-on milky diffuser which is easy to install.

    This led profiles are ideal for both straight runs and curved surfaces. Easily bend the channel to perfectly fit inside or outside turns with a radius as tight as 6 inches. Use bendable channels for uneven surfaces under cabinets or counters, or around support beams or curved walls for example.

    Mounting brackets are available to make installation easy. End Caps are also available to fully enclose the channel and also cleanly direct the wiring to the strip.

    Model Bendable Aluminum Extrusion
    Item No. LDT-AP1407
    Base Width 10mm
    Material Aluminum
    Cover Polycarbonate clear,frosted,opal
    Mounting VHB Tape, Mounting Clips
    Available Lengths 1M, 2M,3M
    Available Finishes Non-Anodized, Anodized, Black-Anodized, White Lacquered


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