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CCT 10mm IP20 Hippo-M Snap Connector

CCT 10mm IP20 Hippo-M Snap Connector
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    Hippo-m LED connectors are fast and easy to use. Anyone who has installed LED strip lighting will enjoy the benefits of using these LED connectors. We have personally tested many LED connectors over the last 10 years and none have come close the quality of these connectors!
    They make electrically sound connections every single time and are extremely durable!
    This LED connector is suitable for joining cable ( cable thickness should be around AWG22-18#1) to non-waterproof (IP20) color temperature adjustable LED strip lighting with a PCB of 10mm (width).
    Please note this connector is specially designed for two color LED flexible strip lights – eg an LED strip light that has warm white and cool white LED chips.

    1. Solder free connections.
    2. No need for wire stripping
    3. Maximum rated voltage is 0-36 Volts
    4. Maximum rated current is 5 Amps.
    5. Made from flame retardant PC+copper


    LDT-CHM10SW-3-IP20 strip to wire

    LDT-CHM10SS-3-IP20 strip to strip

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